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From fashion design drawings to architectural drawings, from fine line drawings to reproduction prints, all can be converted.

CAD Conversion Service by

If you need to convert your hand drawing or 2D CAD file to 3D CAD model for further modification, VMetal is here to help. With assist of our qualified engineers, you can reduce the cost and time on solving technical problems. Contact us to have a free consultation and get a quote!

Steps of CAD conversion service:

Send us your hard copy of the drawing or 2D file in any format (PDF, JPG, Ping, Tiff, DWG, DXF, etc.). We build a fully parametric, intelligent, feature-rich 3D CAD model.

2D to 3D Conversion

VMetal offers accurate 2D to 3D CAD conversion services. You can send us paper copies of your 2D drawings or digital scans, we’ll create 3D drawing models of them.

2D-3D CAD conversion for parts and assemblies

Starting with 2D paper drawings of parts and engineering assemblies, we can produce 3D models. Drawings from Microstation and AutoCAD may be converted to Solid Works.

Conversion process

Drawings can be picked up at your place of business or mailed to our processing facility. Alternatively, you may email us the component designs as scanned PDF pictures.

To capture all the intricacies in the current drawing, we will first scan paper drawings into digital PDF format at 300 dpi or greater resolution.

The 2D and 3D models will then be produced using Solid Works and other 3D modelling programs.

To ensure that they fulfil the accuracy requirements of the customer, all drawings and 3D models are examined.


CAD Conversion

You send us your drawings on paper or as scanned photos. From your paper or PDF-formated picture of a drawing, our CAD Conversion Drafting team of talented designers will produce a 100% correct CAD drawing.

In order to convert scanned pictures of architectural drawings, engineering drawings, construction plans, blueprints, and blue-line drawings to Auto CAD, Microstation, and other drawing formats, we provide CAD Drafting Services and CAD Design Services.


You can send us paper drawings that need to be converted to CAD or scan photographs of drawings. Our CAD Drafting staff will make the required drawing adjustments for you if you provide us with red-lined drawings.

Using the PDF scan picture, we’ll utilize Auto CAD to build a fresh CAD Design Drawing that adheres to your requirements and has the essential drawing layers.

Each CAD Design Drawing is reviewed by a senior designer once CAD Drafting is finished for correctness against the given red-lined drawing or scanned picture.



3D digital art

The process of creating a three-dimensional object using computer software is known as 3D modelling. Simple forms to a wide range of complicated items and models may all be built for the object. Film, video games, and architecture are fields that employ 3D designs for creative modelling.

VMetal will help digitize the following type of artwork:

Freestanding sculpture

A standalone work of art known as a freestanding sculpture typically depicts humans, animals, or abstract ideas. Statues are made of stone, wood, or metal, and the best art media depends on the size and intricacy of the piece. There are various examples of typical 3D sculptures in the David Kracov collections.


Relief sculptures, as opposed to sculptures that stand alone, are formed from a backdrop and are part of a greater work of art. Numerous distinct forms of reliefs are recognizable. Bas reliefs are three-dimensional compositions featuring figures that stand out somewhat from their surroundings. High reliefs with statues extending from the base are also seen. Figures are carved into the base of sunken-reliefs.

  • Drawings and fine-line drawings
  • Watercolor renditions
  • Print reproduction
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Posters
  • Design concepts
  • Fashion designs


Expertise Matters

The engineers at VMetal are always honing, developing, and polishing their craft, and we have consistently shown that we have the capacity to rapidly assimilate and comprehend the objectives of our clients. VMetal’s reverse engineering services are trustworthy, reproducible, and cost-effective whether the goal is to capture the original design intent, new product development, product visualization, or part reproduction.

Other 3D Modelling Services

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