Mass Production

Metal Injection Moulding. Extrusion.

Why Choose VMetal?

When it comes to offering mass-volume production services, VMetal is regarded as the industry leader. When they want production manufacturing solutions and unwavering quality, design organizations turn to VMetal. To find out how we can help with your project, contact us for a free consultation and get an instant quote.

About Mass Production

Mass Production is a specialist service that provides complete production-quality parts in quantities ranging from hundreds to thousands. It’s perfect for advancing the product from the prototyping stage to the full-scale manufacturing stage.

VMetal supply networks and assembly lines are set up for high production rates that take advantage of economies of scale. That strategy is the most effective way to guarantee the lowest cost per item. VMetal can be of assistance here.

Mass Production Methods

Metal Injection Moulding

The Metal Injection Moulding process is a more popular metal forming process today. Molten metal is forced into the dies at pressures. It solidifies into a metal cast.

The reasons the process is so popular are its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Each injection can be put into multiple cavities. This means that lots of small metal parts can be formed simultaneously. it cuts down the production cost of each item.

Metal injection moulding materials include all standard alloys. We offer low-cost production, and experienced process and production teams.

Metal Extrusion

Metal extrusion is a technique of forcing metal into a die having a preset cross-sectional shape. Ram pushes the metal via the die & exits from the mould.

We could customize the extrusion shapes. It is ideal for extruding engine blocks, transmission housings, trolley frames, panels, air-conditioning tubes, and other component parts.

Advantages of Metal Injection Moulding

When it comes to producing mass-volume and complex parts, metal injection moulding is more cost-efficient and a lot less time-consuming than most other metal-forming methods. Production time and finishing time are relatively short, which are some of the reasons why the process is such a popular one today.

✔ Produce uniform quality for large volume production.

✔ Lower costs due to semi or fully-automated processes.

Complex shapes can be cast easily.

Parts with walls as thin as 0.4 mm are possible as of the high pressure used during the injection process.

Excellent dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.

Mass Production Service

If you need to produce the product in mass volume, VMetal is here to help. With assist of our qualified engineers, you can reduce the cost and time on solving technical problems. Contact us to have a free consultation and get a quote!

Steps of Mass Production Service:

1. Send us your drawing in any format.
2. We evaluate the whole project and the model files. Estimate the cost and lead time.