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IP Strategy

Create competitive advantages by discovering unique IP during the product development process.

If you have a new idea that you want to patent, we can help you conduct a detailed patent search to determine if there are any related patents that overlap with your idea. Our experienced team has the necessary resources and tools to conduct a comprehensive search using online databases, which allows us to quickly identify any obvious infringements that could affect your design process. While our patent search is not exhaustive, it is a cost-effective way to save time and money and gain valuable insight into the product development process.

Our patent research report can reduce your costs when filing a patent application by identifying competitor designs, inventions, and features that are already in the public information space. As designers, we bring a unique perspective to the examination process and think like competitors to identify different ways to achieve the same function. This is valuable when filling out a patent application as it covers multiple ways to achieve a function, which blocks out future competitors from using these alternative ways to compete with you.

Once we start designing in 3D CAD models, we can provide the patent attorneys with our 3D CAD geometry, which can be easily output in simple views. This saves you money on image creation charges as the patent attorney can choose what they want without having to engage us to create the images.

With over 1000 client projects to date, VMetal is skilled at identifying possible new patentable features and reviewing issues surrounding existing patent claims. We work closely with your patent attorneys to provide as broad coverage as possible for our clients.


Product Concept Investigation (PCI)

Our patent research report is included in our comprehensive business investigation (PCI) that VMetal Mfg & Design can conduct on your behalf. This report is tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it is competitive intelligence gathering, generating product ideas, or supplementing a pre-existing patent attorney’s search results. We work closely with your patent attorneys to carefully review information before you file your patent.

Patent Space Investigation

When bringing a product to market, one critical legal obstacle is existing competitive patents. Our years of experience and examination of alternative ways to design new innovative functions helps your patent attorney fill out utility and method patents so that competitors have a harder time getting around your new innovations. We also help clients with their design patents, copyright protection, and other brand-related protection.

To assist the process, our in-house team performs research and reports on related IP design patents, utility patents, and specific knowledge available on the public internet. This helps when engaging your patent attorneys and informs us on potential infringements when considering solutions for your innovation.


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